Moving in..... 

After a long and very wet weekend, we have now moved in to our new home.  Through the terrible rain on friday we put up fencing and transported all our equipment, we needed to have several changes of clothing as the rain rapidly went through everything, however we ended the day tired but happy. 

 Saturday saw the arrival of the horses, first came the mare, foal and colt, who quickly settled into the lush grass in the field.  The colt (Hugo) has suffered a cut to his leg during the journey here, caused by him trying to leap the partition in the horse box and is getting the appropriate veterinary care.  He will be fine though as the cut doesn't need any stitches.  Hollie the 3/4 thoroughbred mare is proving to be the best mum and is looking after her foal and colt, she has quickly realised that they are safe with us and is happy to let us handle them.  She is loving the grass too much though and may need to have her grazing restricted to avoid laminitis.

We had Zen arrive later in the day and the megastar was moved like the seasoned traveller he is, having been born in Germany, then moved to Ireland and then England, this young gelding is still only 5.  He saw the horse box and with a twinkle in his eye that said "Oh! so we are going somewhere then!"  walked into the horsebox and calmly ate his hay.  When we put him in his new field he pranced about showing off to all the other horses.  Boy does that horse have some fantastic paces!

So, we are in our new yard now and there is still a lot of work to do, we will be doing some repairs to the stables and painting them to make them nice and clean and putting up more fencing to manage the grazing.  Photos of the new horses are coming soon so you can see how beautiful they are!

We will keep you informed on our progress - a tired but happy Arjento family!!!

Last Updated (Thursday, 07 April 2011 12:49)