Zen has a massage

When Zen was brought in form the field last Thursday, we noticed that he seemed a bit stiff through his back, so we gave Diane Cassels from Sheffield Equine Massage a call.

Diane came out to see Zen yesterday and provided a very methodical and professional service and we were thrilled with the results. She found some fluid on his spine and this reduced significantly by the time she had finished. We would highly recommend Sheffield Equine Massage to anyone looking for this kind of treatment for their horse.

Massage is beneficial for all horses to release muscle tensions, aid circulation, relaxation, enhance performance and can help prevent injury and reduce recovery times after injury or competition.

Please visit Diane's website at www.sheffieldequinemassage.co.uk.

Zen can be a bit nervous around people he doesn't know and after 5 days off work since the injury became apparent, he was becoming slightly highly strung, so in preparation for Diane's visit, we started Zen on Blue Chip's Karma. The Karma was given over three days and worked brilliantly taking the edge off of Zen's excitability allowing Diane to work with Zen to achieve the results we wanted. For more information on Blue Chip Karma or any of their other products please visit www.bluechipfeed.com.

Pictures of Diane Cassels from Sheffield Equine Massage working on Zen

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Foals, Muzzles and hard hard ground

So we are now in July, the middle of the summer.... Time has sped by over the last few weeks. So here is a catch-up on what has been happening.

We now have Hollies beautiful foal, a long legged colt with a perfect star on his face. Arjentos Crown Jewel, aka Khol was born at 11.05pm on the 1st June. Hollie had an easy birth and the little man was soon up and on his (very wobbly) feet. His legs are so long it took quite some time for him to master using them!

Both Pagan and Khol are growing well and happily playing together. Shortly after Khol was born we moved both mums and babies to one of our paddocks that had been rested since November. This paddock has so much grass that we need to restrict grazing for the mares to prevent them getting fat and risking laminitis. Much to their disdain we are strip grazing them and using muzzles. Hollie and Phoenix have become very adapt at removing their muzzles overnight and with the help of Pagan (who is into everything) they manage to get the electric fence down to get to the long grass.


Rosie the coloured mare we had on a sales livery has now been sold. We have recently heard from her new owners that she has settled in her new home. Everyone on her new yard loves her and she is loving the attention. Her young rider is having lessons on her and the lovely little mare is coming on well and they are both bonding. We are very please to have such a successful outcome for Rosie.

Hugo and Che are becoming very well behaved young boys, it is easy to forget that they are both still very young, Hugo is two and Che (pictured left) is just a yearling. Both boys are well handled and happily lead and tie up.  and Hugo is now being introduced to long reining. Zen keeps the boys on the straight and narrow in his position as lord and master of their field.

Zen is looking fantastic - it is hard to remember that this chilled (most of the time) stunner was the scrawny ex racehorse that we bought in January 2010. He has grown and filled out so much that he's needed a new saddle and rugs.



Our only downside so far this summer has been the prolonged lack of rain through the spring and early summer, our fields are so hard and the rain we have had has had little impact on the ground and grass growth, although the weeds including Ragwort manage to grow very well! Please remember to check your field for Ragwort and other problem weeds. Ragwort is highly toxic and needs to be removed from the root. The easiest way is with a special fork made for the job, but you can use any fork to loosen the soil. You must use gloves to pull the ragwort out and get rid of it by burning as it is still toxic when wilted or dead.

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