Surviving the Winter and looking forward to Spring


After an awful winter of snow, snow and even more snow, we are now starting to get the horses back on track.  Through the bad weather all the horses have been laid off work while we concentrated on keeping them warm, watered and fed appropriately to maintain body weight and condition. But now they are all being brought back in to work and education for the youngsters.



We also have a new addition to our herd. Pheonix is a 12.3hh Native pony.  She is 3 years old and we backed her for a client last autumn.  Due to unforseen circumstances the last owner couldn't keep her so the lovely little mare is now back with us.





Updates on each of the horses can be seen in their own sections on the website.

Below is a picture of Hollie and Che.  This was taken before the snow was really deep!

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Preparing for Winter...

We have been in our new home just over a month now and as the horses are all settled, we are in the process of preparing for the winter.

This year has been warm enough to keep the horses out with rugs on, but soon we will be bringing them in to keep them nice and warm for the winter months.  We have been fencing some smaller paddocks for winter turn out and as soon as Hollie and her foal are off her field, we will be having it rolled and prepared for next year.

The horses are all doing well, the new ones came to us a little poor and unhandled, but are now thriving on the love and attention they are getting.

Hugo has come on tremendously since he arrived as an unhandled yearling.  He is now halter broken and leads happily.  He is currently being introduced to his stable and the scary prospect of a rug on his back, knowing Hugo he will take it all in his stride.  Hugo is growing fast and has grown a whole hand since we have had him and now stands at about 14.2hh.  He's a little monkey and is into everything, if you put anything down it's in his mouth and he's away across the field with it!   







Che is our little 5 month old foal.  He is absolutely adorable and he is going to be much bigger than Hugo as he is quite a big boy already.  We have started his weaning and are in the process of catching him to introduce him to his headcollar, as he too hasn't been used to being handled.  Che is a full brother to Hugo and we hope he will have the same easygoing attitude as his brother.






Hollie is the boys mummy,  she is 3/4 Thoroughbred 1/4 Welsh Section C and is around 15hh.  She is an excellent mother and is in foal to a Friesian Stallion.  Once she has had this foal, we will be bringing her back into work as a riding horse and hope to have some relaxing rides on the 5 Pits Trail, which is close to our stables.  Hollie has recently decided that we are good enough to be her owners as she now has stopped being defensive and whinnys and comes when we call her.






Zen has been turned away for a while following an abcess to his foot, he is a very happy boy playing with Hugo and trying to keep him out of mischief and here is a picture of them together. 




The horses actually look a lot better than these photo's as they were taken a few weeks ago and they have come on in leaps and bounds since then, there are more photo's in the gallery and we will put more pictures on the site as we have them.  Look out for the horses having their own pages,  we are going to put full details of their development and training on the website and we need to tell you about Rosie, a pretty cob that Lauren is currently reschooling.  All to come next time.....



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